Corporate Gifting Platform For All Your Business Needs

No muss, no fuss. Instant gratification and measurable business outcomes.

  • Focus on building genuine feelings of connections, not on manual processes and time investment
  • Measure and continuously improve your business efficiency with reward automation & tracking
  • Set budget parameters & empower your team with the freedom of choice, without worrying about overshooting the mark
*We don’t support physical gifts, instead, we have a wide range of digital gifts like gift cards, experiences, donations, and many more.

This Holiday Season

Spread Delight Digitally, Create Value Fast.

This holiday season, deliver Hand-crafted campaigns with technology.

Xoxoday Holiday
Gifting Solution

Our platform is packed with capabilities that allow you to customise your campaign as per your use case. We have following modes by which holiday gifts can be sent out to customers, partners & employees.

  • E- Gift Cards: for all type of incentives and holiday gifting
  • Xoxo Links: for single-click redemption
  • Xoxo Codes: for all types of holiday promotions
  • Xoxo Points: for repeat gifting use cases

Make it easy for you & delightful for them

Leverage technology to distribute holiday gifts while giving every recipient the gift of customization at scale. Sending gifts using Link based technology can help you customise and deliver unique experience every time.

100% DIY solution

A simple three step process to share holiday gifts.
You Share
They Choose
Spread Delight!

Workplace gifts for everyone on your list

Global catalog that drives moment of delight

Enjoy a global catalog spanning 100+ countries, 4000+ premium brands and 20+ reward categories including unique experiences, local brands, and more.

Avoid logistics issues

Spending your crucial time on choosing and negotiating with multi vendors is not worth it. Enjoy the unmatched catalog power and discovery platform to thousands of suppliers with Xoxoday

Personalise the Rewards, Customise the delight

From offering to redemption, customise everything. Offer flexi-denominations, multi-lingual storefront and Instant gratification that can work for products & services.

Helping 1500+ business spread some joy and cheer with the best e-gifts for over a decade

From medium to big enterprises, we help them bring joy to their people with the perfect gift!



Clients with 2 million+ end users.



Branded payments option in 75+ countries.



Awards distributed
on a global scale.

Bring Joy To Everyone Around You

Unlock great human potential with a gifting experience that triggers a sense of reciprocity.

*We don’t support physical gifts, instead, we have a wide range of digital gifts like gift cards, experiences, donations, payouts and more.
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